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What is life but just a journey if we don't share it with others, love them well in the process, and turn life’s difficulties into blessings?

The Start of Our Journey

This is what Cathy and Gerard Benner set out to do after Cathy’s mom, Jean, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2007. After over 50 years of marriage, Cathy’s dad, Marvin, was suddenly placed into a caregiving position totally unfamiliar to him.

Cathy and Gerard understood firsthand the challenges of keeping her mom home. But because of Jean’s overall good physical health, the family made the commitment to try and prevent a premature nursing home entrance. Keeping that promise in mind, they began to look for appropriate options of support for their mom during the day. However, they found limited choices of care that ensured purposeful days for her while also providing rest for their dad.

In 2013, Cathy and Gerard set out on a mission. Relying on their deep faith and drawing on the experiences of the previous six years, they started to envision an adult caregiving center in their community. That year, Joyful Journey, Inc. was established. They purchased property, obtained not-for-profit status, started a building campaign, designed a real home for future Friends and recruited Staff. Thanks to the generous gifts and involvement of more than 400 entities in the West Lafayette, Lafayette, and surrounding communities, the Benners' dream was finally realized in June 2015 when the Joyful Journey house was completed. On July 29, 2015, Joyful Journey opened its doors to their first Friend, debt free.

joyful journey adult day center west lafayette indiana
our joyful journey to provides quality adult day services to the west lafayette community

I had been anxiously awaiting the opening of this wonderful home for some time to aid in the care of my husband but also for me, too. My husband has been coming from the very first week and he goes several times a week. He enjoys the many activities, other people attending, the very caring and professional Staff, and of course, the delicious meals.

I can now plan to have some "Connie Time" which is such a blessing to my health and attitude. I highly recommend you bring your loved one to Joyful Journey, and I know you won't be sorry!


It's so comforting to know my mom will enjoy her day, every day, surrounded by caring Staff in a safe, warm place. She looks forward to her time with her friends and tells everyone she knows how wonderful Joyful Journey is. 

For me, I get peace and encouragement as soon as I connect with staff and others I meet there. It's a perfect fit, and it came at just the right time. What a blessing Joyful Journey is!


The Joyful Journey Staff does not view caring for their friend as simply a job, rather they warmly welcome each friend and treat him/her respectfully as a person.

Having mom at Joyful Journey a couple afternoons per week has allowed me to get groceries, run errands, go to my own doctor and dentist appointments, spend time with my children, have a luncheon date with my husband, etc. all without Mom along—knowing that she is in good hands.

Joyful Journey gives Mom appropriate activities and individual attention; Joyful Journey gives me opportunities to tend other relationships and other necessary tasks—what a respite in the midst of full-time caregiving!


As an administrative volunteer I have many opportunities to see JJ Staff at work. Their preparations are always thoughtful, caring, and thorough. Activities are often individualized to the unique needs of a particular Friend, and always appropriate and purposeful for the group they expect to see the next day.

If the day's plan is not working well, the trained and experienced Staff and volunteers are flexible and ready to change course. Everyone is included unless they would like some time for themselves, which can be provided while never leaving anyone alone. The level of loving care provided in this home away from home is a rare find!

Sue L., Volunteer

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